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Charlie Chan Meets Tom Swifty
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T.A. Corbi was born at an early age in Chicago to a blue collar family. He grew up in the western suburbs, in the echo and vibration of the Illinois Central railroad freight trains that resonated next door.

Lured into the Middle Class mythos that study and hard work were the secrets to success, as a youth, he excelled as student -- valedictorian in both his public elementary and high school classes. He held a number of editor posts at an award winning high school newspaper and was given scholarships, bursary student jobs, and loans to attend Yale University.

After graduating cum laude, Corbi worked in the computer industry for over 30 years, operating computers, writing software programs, researching, and managing various software projects -- retiring in 2004.

Now, in well-earned obscurity, when his bad back permits, he toils at countless household chores as an indentured servant to his family - in an undisclosed location.

His next book, many will be happy to know, takes place on Mars.

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